Commercial Floor Cleaning in Thomasville NC

Carpet, VCT Flooring, Tile, Marble, Hardwood… We Clean it All!

Call Heaven’s Best for your Commercial Floor Cleaning! Give your customers a good first impressions. You want to give them confidence to do business with you. Help them to feel they will be well taken care of. When a building is not well maintained and is dirty it makes customers uncomfortable. We all know what it’s like to walk into a business and get an overwhelming feeling of chaos and sense of neglect. On the flip side when a building is well taken care of it gives a totally different impression. When customers experience this they are more comfortable when doing business with you. It helps them to feel you are organized and well put together. Give them the confidence in you so they can trust you know how to help them accomplish what they need.

Our Dry in an Hour Process

A major hindrance in having the carpet cleaned in your office is it can take so long to dry. With Heaven’s Best your carpets will be dry in only 1 hour! Once we have finished our cleaning process there is no harsh chemical smells lingering. Instead your floors will have a nice clean citrus smell. Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Also, they are safe for your staff and customers right away.

Call us today for quick and efficient service. Your carpets will dry in no time so you don’t have to lose time and money waiting for your them to dry.

We don’t only clean carpets for businesses. We also can clean marble, tile, VCT Flooring, whatever type of flooring you have we can help! Contact us for a free estimate on our commercial floor cleaning. We also offer regularly scheduled cleanings throughout the year. This way you don’t have to worry that your floor will get forgotten.

Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning is the perfect choice for your business:

Floors will Dry-in-an-Hour.

Non-toxic chemical are safe for your clients & employees.

Flexible scheduling options available.

Total satisfaction guaranteed.

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